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German photographers capture Iran historical site

Photographers from Germany takes photos of Iran historical site Jondi Shapur.

Photographers from Germany shoot various photos of Iranian historical site Jondi Shapur in Khuzestan Province.

A local media release quoted an Iranian cultural official in the province on Thursday as saying that two German photographers captured some scenes from Jondi Shapur (sometimes spelt Gundeshapur) in Dezful city under a program to promote Iran historical identity and culture.

Yaqoub Zalaqi noted that they also made some footage along with photos to be used for brochures, catalogues and packages in German, French and English.

Jondi Shapur was the intellectual centre of the Sassanid Empire (224–651 AD) in modern-day Khuzestan Province and the home of the Academy of Jondi Shapur, founded by Sassanid king Shapur I.

The site is claimed to host the world’s oldest university in its modern sense.