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Knife-making: Ancient Persian craft of Iran’s Zanjan

Knife-making is one of the oldest handicrafts practiced for centuries in Iran's Zanjan.

Knife-making is one of the oldest crafts practiced for centuries in several Iranian cities, the most famous of which is the northwestern city of Zanajn.

According to historical records, Zanjan has been a city where knives, swords, and daggers have been produced in large quantities since the 17th century, and many knife-making workshops have been held.

Due to their design, cut, diversity, and durability, Zanjan knives have been the most well-known among hand-made products in other cities.

The most important material for handmade knives is Iron. The handle is made from materials such as elk horns, seashells, wood, fiber, or ivory.

The knife makers of Zanjan usually etch their names into the blade.

Some of the ornaments that are added to decorative knives include gems, jewelry and pieces of seashells. 

Zanjan knives have some characteristics that make them unique, including a spring-assisted-like opening and good grip.