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Posht Qale Castle in Iran’s Ilam

Posht Qale is a beautiful castle near Abdanan in Ilam province.

Posht Qale is a wonderful castle near Abdanan in Ilam province, west of Iran.

The Doiraj river flows beneath it, and it is five kilometers south of Abdanan on a steep hill.

The castle is one of the most important tourist destinations of Ilam Province, offering a stunning outlook.

Plaster and stone were among the construction materials utilized to build the castle.

The remaining works show the existence of guard towers, ramparts, royal palaces, residential rooms, stairs, etc.

An oval-shaped rampart with a height of three meters surrounds the castle area, and the outer and main walls of the castle are almost intact.

It is listed as a national monument of Iran.

Modified and renovated several times, Posht-Qale Castle belongs to the Sassanid era.