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A journey to Yush, birthplace of Iranian poet

Yush is a historical village with unspoiled nature and clement weather in Iran’s northern province of Mazandaran.

Resting at the foot of the Alborz Mountain Range in Iran’s northern province of Mazandaran, Yush is a historical village with unspoiled nature and clement weather.

The road to Yush takes you to a different world. This paved mountainous road is adorned by waterfalls, magnificent green fields, hills and houses with pitched roofs.

The primary occupations of the residents include gardening, agriculture, and animal husbandry.

A variety of wildlife such as antelopes, wild boars, leopards, bears, wolves, hedgehogs and foxes can also be spotted in the village.

In addition to natural features, the village boasts religious and historical sites. The house of Ali Esfandiyari with the pen name ‘Nima Youshij’, who is known as the father of modern Persian poetry, is located in the village.

Nima Youshij was a contemporary Persian poet who started a new movement in Persian poetry called new poetry or sometimes called Nimaic poetry.

While there are no hotels or guesthouses in the area, tourists can live the rustic life by staying in one of the rural cottages for a few days.