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Cops to catch killer in iFilm’s ‘The Graduates’

Cops are close to catching the killer in iFilm’s ‘The Graduates’.

Cops are close to catching the killer in iFilm’s ‘The Graduates’.

While Maziar and Habib are struggling in the car, they hit a passerby. Habib decides to run away as the man falls down, but Maziar stops him. Now the police are dubious and may arrest them.

Don’t miss the twenty-first episode of ‘The Graduates’ tonight at 21:00 GMT to find out the consequences of the crash.

Directed by Soroush Sehhat, the series tells the story of three young men who need to find their way in Life.

Habib, one of the three, lives in Tehran and away from his family. He depends on his parents in all aspects of his life. He is even promised by his parents, in case he gets married, to be helped establish his own company.

His clumsy manners invite his mother and father to control him thoroughly. His parents even control the food in his fridge.

To change him into a tidy and organized person, his parents even go so far as to make him marry soon.

Houtan Shakiba, Behnam Tashakkor, Mehran Rajabi, Amir-Hossein Rostami, Roya Mirelmi, Bijan Banafsheh-Khah, and Afshin Sangchap are some of the cast members on the show.