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Rotary filmfest screening ‘The Savior’

The Rotary Short filmfest in Turkey is hosting Iran’s ‘The Savior’.

The 2022 edition of the International Rotary Short Film Festival (ROFIFE) in Turkey is playing host to Iranian short flick ‘The Savior’.

Directed by Soheila Pour-Mohammadi, the short film is currently on screen at the 14th edition of the Turkish event.

‘The Savior’ tells the story of a little kid who is traumatized following the death of her mother.

After the tragic incident, the child cannot stand the death of other living creatures.

Her father is a fisherman. When the man brings home the fish, he notices that his daughter takes them back to the sea. She says she needs to save them as they are dying.

The film has already taken part in a number of international events, including the Beijing International Children’s Film Festival in China, the Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival in the US, and the International Women Filmmakers Festival in Turkey.

The ROFIFE is powered by Rotary, which is a “non-governmental organization being represented in United Nations Organization, services across the world through nearly 34 thousands Rotary Club and 1.2 millions Rotarian. Rotarians are societal leaders which have succeeded in their jobs and occupations and share their times, accumulations and abilities in order to assist society in which they keep living primarily as well as whole humanity”, according to the official website of the event.

This year’s edition of the fest has been underway since March 18 and will wrap up on March 20.