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Get to know historical “Mehraban House” in Tehran

Historical “Mehraban House” is one of the tourist attractions of the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

There are many historical houses in the old districts of the Iranian capital city of Tehran that attract tourists from around the country.

Udlajan is one of the oldest districts of Tehran; and based on the available documents, many well-known Iranian figures lived there.

There are many historical houses in Udlajan belonging to important characters of Iran’s history.

“Mehraban House” in the district of Udlajan has witnessed many ups and downs; and a number of well-known people had been in possession of the house.

It is believed that one of the wives of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar lived in the house during Qajar era.

The house was finally bought by a generous couple named Mehrabanmanesh and it was given to Kahrizak charity.

Now the house, which is open to enthusiasts to visit, is restored and registered in Iran’s national heritage list.

“Mehraban House” is a representation of Qajar architecture and visitors can enjoy its amazing stucco works.

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