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iFilm offers visiting Ancient Graveyard of Siraf

iFilm English website offers a visit to Ancient Graveyard of Siraf.

Siraf Port City is an ideal destination for those who want to experience peaceful moments by the sea.

However, the peace and quiet will not be the only tokens on a trip to the spectacular city. Once there, go on an expedition at the outskirts of the city to find the ancient graveyard of Siraf, which is a mesmerizing reminder of Iran’s history.

Back at the time of Sassanid Empire in the great Persia, some tomb-shape structures were dug in perfectly regular rows next to one another in the heart of rocky hills in Siraf.

Perhaps, such structures were originally made to serve as little pools to gather rain drops for later use. Later, however, as some mortal disease breakout, the tombs, in fact, were used as graves to bury the dead.

Besides, a visit to the amazing port city will offer other activities such as camping, swimming, and unforgettable picnics.