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Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian culture

Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian culture and art of cinema.

Let’s get updated with the latest events in Iranian culture and art of cinema during the past week.

Iranian national team wins at the 2021 International Gastronomy Festival in Turkey. The Iranian gastronomy team competing for the first time at the gastronomy fest in Istanbul won second place among other countries.

Master chef Ivan Mehdi was the leader of the Iranian teamwork at the event. The objective of the competition at the International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival is to provide channels between Turkish culinary cultures and other foreign culinary cultures.

Iran has long played host to followers of various religions with historical churches bearing a solid witness to such diversity of faiths practiced in the country.

Here is a list of 5 historical churches in different parts of Iran: 1. Monastery of Saint Thaddeus in West Azarbaijan Province, 2. Monastery of Saint Stepanos in province of East Azarbaijan, 3. Chapel of Dzordzor in West Azarbaijan Province, 4. Vank church in Isfahan Province, and 5. Chapel of Chupan in East Azarbaijan Province.

All these places of worship for Iranian Armenians were built many centuries ago. The first three on the above list and Chapel of Chupan are known as monastic ensembles of the Armenian Christian faith and have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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