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See Iran’s salt dome of Jashak in photos

iFilm English website offers virtual tour of Iran’s salt dome of Jashak.

One of the wonders the mother of nature has to offer on a trip to Iran's Boushehr Province is the salt dome of Jashak.

The Jashak Mountains are home to salt dome of Jashak, consisting caves, falls, springs, jinn-chimney (elf chimney) and other natural structures, all made of salt.

The mountains and their surrounding lands lack any fresh water springs or streams and the only water source in the region contains saltwater.

Therefore, it is not likely to see dense vegetations here and the only greenery of the region belongs to the plants that are salt-tolerant, including Milkvetch, Periploca and Zygophyllum.

There are two old myths regarding the special shape of the salt dome: 1- Some goats lived here that had the sweetest milk of all. If the women tried to milk the animals, both the goat and the women would turn into rocks, 2- The residential of an elf resided, which guarded it.

Decide to visit the mountains, make sure to venture on the trip during autumn and winter to see the place in its most magnificent state.