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iFilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Count to 10’

iFilm English TV releases exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Count to 10’ by Saadat Bastam.

iFilm English TV Channel has released an exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Count to 10’ directed by Saadat Bastam.

iFilm interviewed the producer Farid Valizadeh, the scriptwriter Kianoush Eslami, the director of photography Hossein Qolipour, and the actress Ghazaleh Nazar.

‘Count to 10’ is a narration of a few hours into the life of a couple with a wide age gap and the various obstacles they face in life.

The movie was filmed in various locations in Tehran, starring Manouchehr Zendehdel, Elnaz Bateni, Bahram Hosseini, and Nazar.

It went on screen at global events such as the Route 66 Film Festival in the US.