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Trip to autumnal destination of Afjeh Village in Iran

iFilm offers autumnal tour of Afjeh Village near Tehran.

iFilm website has offered an unforgettable virtual autumnal tour of Afjeh Village near the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Spread between the two high summits of Rizan and Atashkouh, there lays the colorful and blessed village of Afjeh.

The village offers different types of beauty when the seasons change.

In a previous report, iFilmers saw the region in late spring, the time when all the trees are in fruition. In today’s piece, the same trees have colored the place with magnificent autumnal hues.

The village is located in Lavasanat neighborhood near Tehran. It was originally called Abcheh due to the falls and springs that flow here.

Enjoy some photos of the region in autumn.