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Iranian movie ‘World Northern Hemisphere’ releases trailer

Iranian movie ‘World Northern Hemisphere’ releases a trailer.

Iranian movie ‘World Northern Hemisphere’ has released a trailer.

Written and directed by Hossein Tehrani, the movie is about racism. “Which race is superior?!” its synopsis reads.

It tells the story of a 14-year-old, Ahmad, who is the breadwinner for his fatherless family.

At his mother’s request, they rent a farm, but human bones are found, disturbing their plan.

The film was made based on a trip that the director took to the Iranian province of Khuzestan 20 years ago.

The actors were selected from the local children; and for selecting the right person, the film’s crew had to test some 2,000 students.

Also three young theater actors from Tehran joined the cast of the film.

‘World Northern Hemisphere’ took part in some global events, including the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival in the US and the Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan, where it won the award for the best future film in Asia.

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