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‘Careless Crime’ reveals logo prior to premier

Iranian movie ‘Careless Crime’ reveals logo prior to premier.

Iranian movie ‘Careless Crime’ has revealed logo prior to premier on December 8.

Directed by Shahram Mokri, the 135-minute Iranian movie will go on silver screens in Iran.

Written by Nasim Ahmadpour and Mokri and going back to forty years ago, the movie’s story starts during the uprising to overthrow the Shah’s regime in Iran.

Then, protestors set fire to movie theaters as a way of showing opposition to Western culture and burned down many cinemas.

In one tragic case, a theater was set on fire with four hundred people inside and most of them were burned alive.

Now in contemporary Iran, after forty years, four individuals also decide to burn down a movie theater.

Produced by Negar Eskanadarfar and Karnameh Institute of Arts and Culture, the flick stars Babak Karimi, Razieh Mansouri, and Abolfazl Kahani.

‘Careless Crime’ has already gone on screen at several global events and won some awards, including the award for best film at the Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival in Brazil, the Best Original Screenplay award at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy, as well as the best screenplay awards at the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea.