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Iranian short ‘Musician’ releases trailer

Iranian short flick ‘Musician’ releases a trailer.

Iranian short flick ‘Musician’ has released a trailer.

Directed by Mohsen Mehri-Darouee, the Iranian 19-minute flick tells the story of Mahmoud, a small man up close to one meter tall, who wants to play a two-meter instrument like a double bass, but he doesn't reach its height.

Written by the director and Mohammad-Reza Tafreshi and produced by Mohammad-Hassan Mortazavi, the cast list of the short film includes Parviz Bozorgi and Esmaeel Yousef-Pour.

The short has already taken part in a number of global events, including the Under the Moon International Film Festival in Spain and the Drama International Short Film Festival in Greece.

The Winter Film Awards International Film Festival in the US recently presented its Best Student Film award to ‘Musician’.

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