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Qaleh Qafeh, village with taste of tranquility in photos

Located in heart of dense forests, Iran’s Qaleh Qafeh is an ancient village with much tranquility.

Located in the heart of dense forests and eastern part of Alborz Mountain Range, Iran’s Qaleh Qafeh is a historical village with taste of tranquility.

Qaleh Qafeh Village lies 35 kilometers south of Minudasht County in Golestan Province.

It is a 700-year-old village in which more than 220 families live.

The beautiful village is known for its unique texture.

The traditional homes and alleys of Qaleh Qafeh have distinguished the village in the region.

The village is a destination for many tourists as it is home to several natural attractions, including a waterfall and numerous springs.

The people of Qaleh Qafeh are engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture as well as silk weaving.