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Int’l PHODAR Biennial awards Iranian photographer

Iranian photographer Shayan Haji Najaf was honored at the 11th Int'l PHODAR Biennial in Bulgaria.

Iranian photographer and journalist Shayan Haji Najaf has been praised at the 11th International PHODAR Biennial in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The PHODAR Biennial, which is a photography competition in Sofia, has bestowed the honorary diploma of its 2021 edition to Najafi.

Najaf’s photo collection titled ‘Pink Prince’ deals with the dream of a child with cancer named Parand.

Parand is an 8-year-old girl who was born in Andimeshk, southwestern Iran, and has been suffering from cancer since she was about 6 years old.

Due to the lack of a suitable hospital in the city where she lives, Parand has to travel 150 kilometers to Ahvaz, the capital of Khuzestan Province. Parand, like many girls of her age, dreamed of wearing a long pink dress and a crown and shining like a princess in a pink dress.  

Parand's wish was granted with the help of a charity in Ahvaz.

After her wish came true, she returned to the hospital to prepare for the transplant. Parand is currently undergoing a transplant and is completing her treatment at Baqaei Hospital in quarantine.

The 11th Phodar festival was held under the theme of "Today is tomorrow is yesterday".

Organized by Sofia Municipality, the selected photos have been going on display at the Sofia Central Railway Station as of October 7.