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Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian cinema

Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian art of cinema.

Let’s get updated with the latest events in Iranian art of cinema during the past week.

The 8th Torino Underground Cinefest in Italy awarded Iranian-Turkish production ‘Silence Tree’ directed by Faysal Soysal from Turkey and produced by Ali Nouri-Oskouee from Iran.

‘Silence Tree’ tells the story of Hayati, a writer whose talent as well as his married life is going from bad to worse. He is deeply obsessed with reviving a dried walnut tree at his father’s house.

The more he tries to dig into his father’s past and death, the more confused and lost he gets. Finding out about his wife’s scandal is a terrible bluster, but his apparently weak character does not let him react properly. While struggling to get rid of his hellish life, he meets his best friend’s fiancée, who looks so much like his own ex-girlfriend and inspires him to write again. Surprisingly, the walnut tree starts budding, too. Just as hope flares up inside him, his mother dies and his wife runs off with her lover. He can no longer stand the situation and leaves the town. A couple of days later, the police discover the burned body of a woman. Hayati is arrested and accused of murder. Though innocent, he pleads guilty.

Iranian short film ‘Spring in Autumn’ grabbed the Best Film Award at the 5th Ahora es Corto Film Festival in Spain. Directed by Qasideh Golmakani, the short film narrates the story of a woman who is leaving her husband after many years.

The FERFILM International Film Festival in the Republic of Kosovo awarded acclaimed Iranian short flick ‘The Other’. Directed by Ako Zand-Karimi and Saman Hosseinpour, the short film has been announced as the recipient of the best short fiction award at the 9th edition of the event.

‘The Other’ tells the story of a traditional man who suspects his dead wife of having had a relationship with another man. Things go from bad to worse when he suspects that her daughter belongs to the other man.

The 32nd Golden Lion International Theatrical Festival in Ukraine is to play host to two Iranian plays. ‘Holodomor’ directed by Raha Hajizeinal and ‘Women’s Auschwitz’ directed by Ali Safari are the two plays to present Iran at the Ukrainian festival.

Organized by Iranian troupe Segane and co-produced by Safari and Hajizeinal, both plays are parts of a trilogy about World War II. ‘Berlin 10:10’ is another part of the trio.

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