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AMERTA fest in Turkey awards Iranian ‘Shahin’

Iranian film ‘Shahin’ wins at the 2021 AMERTA Film Festival in Turkey.

Iranian film ‘Shahin’ has grabbed Best Film Award at the 4th edition of the AMERTA Film Festival in Turkey.

Directed by Salar Tehrani, the film is about a policeman and his wife.

Gelareh Abbasi, Alireza Kamali-Nejad, and Mehran Ranjbar have played the leading roles in the flick.

The film has previously participated in a number of international festivals, including the Fajr Film Festival in Iran, the Pigdon Street International Film Festival in Australia, and the Asian Film Festival - Los Angeles Hollywood in the US.

The AMERTA Film Festival hosts short, documentary, and feature films from around the world and provides an opportunity for filmmakers to showcase their works.

According to the website of the festival, “the AMERTA Film Festival, which takes place in Turkey, and is now in its 1st year, aims to encourage more considerable global attention on documentary film and social movie and promote quality films focusing on diverse civilizations and cultures from across the world”.

The 2021 edition of the event was held on September 20-24.

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