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What you said about iFilm English

Here is a round-up of some of your comments sent to iFilm English social media pages.

iFilm English team is poured in with many positive and heart-warming comments every day from across the globe, making the whole team more connected to their loyal viewers.

On iFilm Facebook page, we have been receiving multiple comments in appreciation of the channel. “If you ever remove this channel from satellite, some of us will be greatly affected because we will be left with nothing to entertain us,” one commenter from Malawi said. “I am a new viewer of your channel from Lebanon. Keep it up. Your films are really nice and educative,” said another.   

There are also some comments with constructive criticism that have stood out to us. A viewer from Turkey said, “Hi. Most of these movies are older than 5 years old. Don't you have newer ones? I like to see more recent Iranian movies which were at successful in international festivals.”

Sifting through our viewer’s feedback in our website at, there were so many requests like this one from Iraq who asked for more comedy, “I watch iFilm every day. I wish that you would show more comedy.”

Someone from Turkey also wrote to us that, “I keep watching your channel with the hope of seeing action or horror movies. Don’t you want to add some?”

Asif Newaj from Bangladesh also said, “Please add news to your amazing programs. Thanks.”

“I like the idea of introducing different parts of Iran in your social networks. Please show the pictures on the screen too,” wrote Olga Gonzalez from Argentina for iFilm Instagram page.

Twitterers also left us with various comments on our page at @ifilmenglishweb. Someone from Qatar was not very much delighted with our movies as he wrote, “Hello iFilm. I really love your programs but your movies are becoming boring. Please broadcast newer ones. Thanks.”

His fellow Twitterer from Tanzania shared some similar opinion, “Some of your movies are very old and have very low quality. I bet Iran has way better movies and series. Please broadcast the newest.”

With all your nice regular feedback sent to our social media platforms, we would love to receive more and more every day in order to update our showtime playlist based upon your interests.

Keep sending us your comments and we keep reading with heart and soul.

Find your most convenient way to comment on our platforms at:
Instagram: ifilmenglish
WhatsApp: +989023011623
Twitter: @ifilmenglishweb