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Traditions, customs you will only see in Iran – Part 9

Following is a presentation of cultural customs only Iranians will understand and you will find only in Iran.

To truly understand a country’s culture and people, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of their customs and traditions.

In Iran, there are plenty of customs that are as routine as drinking water for Iranians but they can leave a foreign traveler with a raised eyebrow.

Read on to discover the cultural customs only Iranians will understand and you will find only in Iran.    

9) Wearing slippers

People everywhere wear slippers, but Iranians are especially fond of them, which means there is some serious slipper etiquette in Iran.

Slippers are called dampa-yee (دمپایی) in Persian, which literally means “at your feet”. There are house slippers, bathroom slippers, and outside slippers, and they can each only be worn in their respective spaces.

Going to the bathroom? You better take off your house slippers, and slip on those in the bathroom. Going outside? Change into outside slippers. And, this is why there is always a pair of plastic slippers in hotel bathrooms in Iran.    

This interest in wearing slippers is so broad that many Iranians wear them even at their workplace.  


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