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Iran’s COVID-19 doc to vie at Foca Film Days

The Turkish Foca Film Days is to host Iran’s ‘Three Meters and a Few Centimeters’.

The Foca International Archeology and Cultural Heritage Film Days (Foca Film Days) in Turkey has been set to host Iranian short doc ‘Three Meters and a Few Centimeters’.

Mostafa Salehinejad’s short documentary will compete at the 4th edition of the Turkish event.

The documentary is about the COVID-19 issue in the Iran’s southwestern city of Ahvaz.

The coronavirus has not only caused many deaths but also created a crisis in burial traditions.

According to the obligations of Islam, when someone dies, the body must be washed by hand in order to move on to the hereafter cleansed.

Because of the COVID-19’s wild and deadly infection, few people are willing to touch the bodies of those killed by the virus, which creates a crisis in the city.

‘Three Meters and a Few Centimeters’ took part in a number of global events, including the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival in the US and the Viva Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some local residents from various art disciplines are the team members of the Foca Film Days that is an event trying to revive the dying diverse cultures and nature.

This year’s edition of the fest is slated for October 20-26.