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Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian arts

Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian art of cinema.

Let’s get updated with the latest events in Iranian art of cinema during the past week.

The 39th Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival in the US awarded Iranian short film ‘Wet’. It won the Flickers’ International Humanitarian Award, the grand prize of the festival which is given annually to films or filmmakers who inspire social change and community outreach and strive to improve the world in which we live.

Directed by Saeed Jafarian, the Iranian film is about a young girl who decides to go to a forbidden party.

Acclaimed Iranian short animation ‘Eaten’ is scheduled to go on screen at the MOTELx-Lisbon International Horror Film Festival in Portugal.

Mohsen Rezapour’s 7-minute animation is about a rabbit which has been eaten by a wolf. When finally it goes in the predator’s stomach, it meets another rabbit which had been eaten by the wolf some earlier time. The two continue living in the new environment.

The 21st Festival Internacional de Escuelas de Cine – FIEC (International Film Schools Festival) in Uruguay honored Iranian short animation ‘Fish’ with a special mention.

Written and directed by Parisa Jafari, and a co-production of the Tehran University of Art and Documentary and Experimental Film Center, ‘Fish’ is about a man who decides to alleviate his fear.

The FIEC jury published a statement calling the movie “a short that manages to connect through the sensory, whose animation uses its impurities and freedom to generate a raw and overwhelming experience.”

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