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Let’s watch trailer of iFilm’s weekend movie ‘Soltan’

Let’s watch trailer of iFilm TV’s weekend movie ‘Soltan’.

Let’s watch a trailer of iFilm English TV’s weekend movie ‘Soltan’.

The movie, written and directed by Masoud Kimiaee, is about a thief who falls in love with a target!

Soltan is a thief at the airport to earn a living. On one occasion he steals an envelope that turns out to bear some documents and a deed to a piece of land that a wealthy dying man has granted to Maryam, his servant’s daughter.

Now the old man has passed away and members of his family want to sell his land to developers, but there’s just one issue.

Maryam’s land has to be part of the deal, and in order to prove her rights, she has to somehow get her hands on the stolen documents.

The movie cast list includes Fariborz Arabnia, Hediyeh Tehrani, the late Hassan Joharchi, Poulad Kimiaee, Reza Kianian, Zhaleh Olov, and the late Parvin Soleymani.

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