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Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian arts

Let’s get updated with latest on Iranian arts.

Let’s get updated with the latest events in Iranian arts during the past week.

Veteran Iranian director and producer, Fereshteh Taerpour passed away due to coronavirus on August 17, 2021. She was the mother of Iranian star, Ghazal Shakeri.

‘Golnar’, ‘Maryam’s Son’, ‘Facing Mirrors’, ‘Goodbye Shirazi Girl’ and ‘While Everyone was Asleep’ are among her most remembering works. iFilm English has aired one of her popular movies titled ‘While Everyone was Asleep’.

Born in 1952, Taerpour was the first female judge in the Iranian cinema. She passed away after battling the disease for weeks in hospital.

Iranian and Turkish visual artists organized a joint exhibition titled ‘Turan’ in Istanbul, Turkey on August 23-28. Artworks from 40 Iranian and 8 Turkish artists were showcased at the event.

The curator of the exhibition Asal Rastegar said that the joint exhibition emphasizes the cultural friendship between the two nations.

It was aimed at highlighting the principle of cultural friendship between Iran and Turkey and showcasing Iranian artists’ works in the international arena, she noted.

She further noted that 48 artists have their works displayed in this exhibition, as many artists have failed to present their works due to the coronavirus spread and cancellation of many similar events.

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