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Let’s get updated with latest honors by Iranian arts

Let’s get updated with latest and greatest honors by Iranian arts.

Let’s get updated with the latest and greatest events in Iranian arts during the past week.

The Global Music Awards announced the winners of different categories on Thursday. The organizers awarded the Gold Medal of Classical Crossover category to Lyra Duet from Iran for its album ‘Tehran Mars’.

According to the website of Lyra Duet, it is “a crossover Classical/New Age band created by a couple: Arash Hazhirazad (pianist, keyboardist, composer) and Yeganeh Hosseini-Nia (violinist), both music graduates from the Fine Arts University of Tehran. The duet heralded its serious musical career in 2010 with a classical piano and violin recital held at the German Church, Tehran. Their performance has resonated through many a concert hall in Tehran and across the nation with a large repertoire of notable works of Western classical music for the piano and violin.

Switzerland-based graphic artist created a picture book for children themed on Iranian historic city of Isfahan. Robert Meier’s “Die Goldene Feder Ein Fasan in Isfahan” (The Goldern Feather: A Pheasant in Isfahan) written in German narrates the story of a pheasant with a golden feather who want to go to Isfahan – a city in the heart of Iran globally known for its Iranian architecture.

Because he is afraid of flying, the golden feather should help him. In the end, he makes it to Isfahan and the magnificent Bazaar there. According to a media report, for Robert Meier, Isfahan has been a household name since childhood. During his training as a graphic designer in Zurich, he developed a fascination for Eastern culture. A description of the book reads, "A story to read aloud, color in or just watch. It is ideally suited for the first reading."

Iranian short film ‘Leo’ won an award at the Andaras Traveling Film Festival in Italy. It received Best Super Short Film award at the 2021 edition of the Italian event.

“In one minute, one enters the story of Leo's report which gets brutally interrupted by a guard’s baton. It takes the viewer from a dimension of childish play with the shower receiver transformed into a microphone to the brutal, barren, desperate, obtuse reality of a football game played in a refugee camp,” the fest's website also writes about the short film.

Directed by Moeen Rouholamini, ‘Leo’ is “dedicated to children all over the world who do not give up on their sweet dreams in the most difficult situations of their lives," according to the filmmaker.

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