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Traditions, customs you will only see in Iran – Part 3

Following is a presentation of cultural customs only Iranians will understand and you will find only in Iran.

To truly understand a country’s culture and people, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of their customs and traditions.

In Iran, there are plenty of customs that are as routine as drinking water for Iranians but they can leave a foreign traveler with a raised eyebrow. 

Read on to discover the cultural customs only Iranians will understand and you will find only in Iran.  

3) Throwing water behind the traveler

Water holds a significant place in the Iranian culture. It is a common practice that when someone is to go on a trip, a friend or a family member throws water behind them to wish them a safe journey.  

In the Persian culture, pure flowing water symbolizes the light that shines on the travelers’ way so that they arrive at their destination safe and sound.

It is also common among Iranians that when someone is leaving for a journey, they prepare a tray that has a Quran and a glass of water. The traveler kisses and passes under the Quran three times for protection. Then as they leave, the remaining family members toss the water from the glass behind them.  

This concept of passing the holy Quran over your head is not just for travel. Family members also use to do it usually before their kids are to take a major exam.

Another thing you might see in Iran is suspending the holy Quran (or a picture of it) over ER doors in the hospitals so that when patients are rushed in, they roll right under it.

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