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CICFF awards Iranian doc ‘Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream’

The Calcutta Int’l Cult Film Festival in India awards Iranian doc ‘Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream’.

The Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (CICFF) in India has awarded Iranian documentary ‘Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream’.

Directed by Azadeh Bizargiti, the documentary won the monthly award of “Film on Women” at the CICFF.

‘Woodgirls – A Duet for a Dream’ is about the lives of Leila Avakh and Sediqeh Momennia who have chosen carpentry as a profession, which is considered extremely masculine in the traditional society of Iran.

The duo faces many difficulties and obstacles; however, they are determined to prove that it is not impossible to achieve your dreams.

Leila and Sediqeh are amongst the first female carpenters in Iran.

The CICFF is a monthly live screening film festival with an annual live screening mega award event in the City of Joy. The monthly live screenings take place at the end of each month.

All monthly winners of the period from January 2021 to December 2022 will be automatically nominated for the prestigious GOLDEN FOX AWARDS (the best of the best) and they will be invited to attend the Annual Live Screening Gala in presence of juries, critics, film scholars and eminent movie personalities from across the globe.