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Israeli actress receives backlash for tweet on Palestine

Israeli actress Gal Gadot gets backlash for a tweet on the tensions between Palestinians and Israelis that ignored the crimes committed by the Tel Aviv regime.

Israeli actress Gal Gadot has received backlash after she posted a tweet on the escalating tensions between Palestinians and Israelis, ignoring the crimes committed by the Tel Aviv regime.

Many Twitter users slammed Gadot for taking the plight of the Palestinians lightly, noting that she didn’t refer to the Israeli “military occupation, land theft, and ethnic cleansing” against the Palestinian people.

“Israel deserves to live as a free and safe nation,” Gadot posted in a statement on Twitter on Wednesday, referring in her post to Palestinians as “neighbors” instead of referencing them by name.

Some social media users have accused the actress, who served a mandatory two years as a soldier in the Israel military, of posting "propaganda" for Israel.

After the tweet attracted many angry replies, Gadot disabled the comments.

“Israeli soldier turned Hollywood's Wonder Woman multimillionaire Gal Gadot sends meaningless thoughts and prayers as the Israeli apartheid regime she supports ethnically cleanses Palestinians and bombs Gazans in an open-air prison camp,” a Twitter user said Thursday.

“And people really said we were exaggerating when we said boycott Gal Gadot who acts as a literal tool of propaganda for her government and the occupation forces she once served in. She can’t even say the word Palestinian. To the dustbin of history,” another social media user said.

Over the past weeks, tensions escalated in Jerusalem al-Quds amid acts of aggression by Israeli forces and settlers, and an imminent eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood by Israeli authorities.

The tensions triggered protests in al-Quds, the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip as well as rocket fire from Gaza.

Israel began airstrikes on Gaza on Monday, killing tens of Palestinians, including women and children.

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