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‘The Silhouettes’ wins top prize at Kathmandu filmfest

Iranian film ‘The Silhouettes’ wins award at the 2020 Kathmandu Int'l Mountain Film Festival in Nepal.

Iranian film ‘The Silhouettes’ has won an award at the 2020 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival in Nepal.

Afsaneh Salari has won the first prize of the international section of the 18th edition of the event for her latest directorial experience ‘The Silhouettes’.

The feature-length documentary tells the story of an Afghan family living in Iran. They left Afghanistan 40 years ago to come and live in Iran.

The film shows how the son of the family wants to move back to Afghanistan to live and work there, but his family does not allow him.

The flick has already gone on screen at a number of global events and won some awards, including the ‘Docs in Progress’ award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic and a Special Mention at the International Film Festival of Vision du Reel in Switzerland.

Starting out as a biennial festival, the KIMFF turned annual and competitive in 2007. KIMFF typically takes places around 11 December to coincide with the International Mountain Day.

The 18th edition of the festival was held on December 10-14, 2020.