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Saadi Foundation to train Persian teachers virtually

Saadi Foundation is to train Persian teachers via online courses.

Saadi Foundation has launched online program titled ‘The First Virtual Persian Teacher Training Course’.

The course has been developed based on the educational experience of the foundation’s scholars as Persian language teachers and experts.

The scholars have created a fast, interesting, and memorable experience for the learners to make teaching easier for the teachers.

The course has been designed according to international standards on e-learning and MOOCs (massive open online coursers).

The course involves instructional videos, texts, teaching method samples, relevant sources and tests in an interactive mode.

The learners receives a recognized certificate issued by the Saadi Foundation after passing all nine sessions successfully with an acceptable score on the final test.

The Saadi Foundation started its official activities in 2012. It works in cooperation and synergy with other institutes and organizations.

The foundation is a specialized institution for teaching Persian language as well as strengthening Persian Language and Literature abroad.

The Saadi Foundation aims to eventually become the main resource and reference to anyone who is interested in learning Persian outside or inside Iran, as well as to all individuals and institutions dealing with teaching the Persian language and literature across the world, from prestigious universities to small kindergartens.